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new pc problem discovered *Alert*


i discovered a brand new pc problem in dec 2018, i dont think anyone has witnessed it before cause i couldnt fix a fix anywhere, so basicly when i shut down my pc, go out/work/whatever, come home and turn back on my pc, it acts as if it was just put in sleep mode, and as soon as i log in all my programs are open from when i shut down my pc. so be on the lookout if u get this brand new pc problem in 2019


possible fix?: im pretty sure it has something to do with ur processor not turning off when everything else turns off, but i wonder why the processor doesnt overheat because the fan is off when i shut down, possible fix could be buying a new processor i have no clue this is my 3rd brand new pc problem i invented in 2018 and i refuse to waste money on something money probably cant even fix.because i guarentee i can buy all new parts and still get same problems...its just my curse

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Just turn off the pick up where you left off in Windows and stuff won't open again. 

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