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Loud CPU fan, but low RPM


Problem: Fresh CPU fan, on a fresh new computer, is loud at low RPMs after 4 days of building the computer. 


OS: Win 10 64-bit


Relevant Specs

- CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (wraith stealth cooler)

- Mobo: B450 I Aorus Pro Wifi

- PSU: Seasonic FOCUS 650W


Steps Taken:

- Confirmation that it is the CPU fan: held thumb over fan hub to stop it, and noise stopped. Released pressure slightly to let fan spin a small amount, and noise was back.

- Idle dB: 45 (was WAY WAY lower when the comp was built last week, for a few days)

- Stressed CPU + GPU dB: 48 (literally 3 higher only)

- Unscrewed cpu cooler to see if orientation was the problem, no noise change.

- Went in BIOS and put fan to silent, but as expected it did nothing because it isn't the fan speed, its some other noise.

- No cables or anything in the way, and no info online.


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fan bearing gave up,

time for a new aftermarket cooler.


Main Rig

CPU: i7 3770K@4.7GHz

GPU: R9 290x 4G

HDD: 12TB Seagate 12TB BarraCuda

SSD: Crucial xm500

RAM: 4 GB DDR3 XPG 1600 x4

Monitor: Dell U2518D



CPU: duo Xeon X5670 stock clock

Motherboard: unknown dell server motherbored

RAM: 64GB of unknown ECC 1600MHz ram

GPU: Nvidia Quadro P4000

HDD: x8 Dell 2.5inch SAS drive in raid, potenal speed of 800MB/s speed


Case: Dell unknow server case

PSU: duo 700w server powersupply


Works laptop:

Model: Microsoft surface laptop 3

CPU: i5 1065g7

RAM: 8gb lpddr4x

Dongle: satechi aluminum mutiport adapter v2

SSD: 256gb stock

Comment: best laptop on my lap


I suck at writing this.

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