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GPU seemingly dead - want help to confirm

After trying to play Overwatch normally like usual, the monitors went dark and after rebooting the PC, everything (that didn't use the GPU much, like Photoshop, chrome and anything else) worked fine, with the GPU plugged in, and without any monitor issues; but after re-trying to open Overwatch a while later, the same happened but this time, after rebooting, the monitors stayed dark and I'm not sure if the PC even fully booted because the keyboard and mouse lights were off. After rebooting some times, the monitor would work (showing a Windows trying to repair message, followed by the PC telling me it didn't find how to fix it and giving me options such as reversing to previous windows version and such, which I ignored and just tried the "Exit and go to Windows" to attempt to boot again). 


So now basically, if I remove the GPU from the motherboard and boot the computer, it boots and works normally (and well, the monitors in this case plugged to motherboard) so with that I assume all PC components aside from GPU should be working fine; but if I put in the GPU again, plug monitors to it and boot the PC, it either works for a very short while (with wrong resolution, but before I even get to change it, monitor goes dark again and I can't do anything) or it simply has the monitors dark from the beginning (until, again, the windows repair message shows up).


I've cleaned the PC and got a fair amount of dust out of the GPU (in case it IS dead, that may be part of why..); I tried the other PCI-E slot; I've tried another 6-pin in case that one somehow had a pin not working or something. I uninstalled AMD drivers to see if having them later reinstalled could help (assuming the issue was a driver one).


I don't know what else to try. If the GPU is dead well, that's it; but I just want to make sure it is before putting it away permanently and checking prices to buy something else in the future.


I don't have another PC or another GPU to try anything with that, in case you wonder.


The full PC specs are:

Intel i5 3570K; ASUS P8Z77-M; XFX 650W PSU; 16GB RAM (I think it was 4+4+8, since I have 3 DIMMs); and the GPU in question is a Sapphire R9 270 OC Edition.


Sorry for long post, just wanted to give some info if it helps.

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When you turn on the PC, do the fans of the card spin for a split second?

Or if you get into the bios, see if the graphics card is detected.


If nothing works then trying the oven method isn't such a bad option.


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Bake the b**ch. It's how I resurrected sister's GeForce 8400M GS from laptop. Was drawing checkerboard pattern and locking up system. After baking, it was working perfectly. You really have nothing to lose. But you can gain a fully functioning card.

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