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video scheduler internal error (LAPTOP)


Good evening all,

I was watching one of the LTT live streams "FINALLY Fixing the Mineral Oil PC" on Youtube (though I don't think any of this should make any difference.

So yeah I was watching this stream then all of the sudden the screen started flickering and turn black then the computer came out with the following blue screen, so I grabbed my camera and thank god too!

When the computer was rebooting it wanted to do a "diskcheck" it give me the option to skip this by pressing anykey so not wanting to wait around like you do I skiped it.

However having opened the browser "Mozilla Firefox" (SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE)

The tabs I had open restored themselves then computer screen went black again and has stayed black (I've just left it for now)

Having done a Google search for the video scheduler internal error I found that this might be due to a hard drive issue, so what do we think?

Do I need a new SSD? the drive is almost full by the way NOT THAT IT SHOULD MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE.


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