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Silent AF 140mm AIO


Hey guys,



Is there an AIO that has a pump that is virtually inaudible, at least when it's not running at 100%?


I have been using a Sugo SG13 for a mini ITX build for a while. I used it without a separate CPU fan on the Shadow Rock LP (only front intake and PSU exhaust was easily enough).


I recently upgraded it to an i7-3770 which runs a lot hotter than the i5-2400 did. I tried to squeeze a 12mm Scythe Slip Stream 12mm in there and it kind of works, but occasionally the fan "rattles" a bit due to the pressure from the PSU sitting right on top and the cooler right underneath.


Now I'm considering getting a 140mm AIO for the front to cool that CPU. It would solve the space issues and should easily outperform the current cooling solution. However, I want this thing to be absolutely silent when I'm in office mode. Now, I know I can deal with the fans, but can I deal with the pump?



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Probably not.


Are you referring to cables hitting the fan? Can you post some photos of the clearance currently available above the fan?

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