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Conflicted: AOC C24G1 or G2590PX?


Planning to get my first gaming monitor, upgrading from a generic 100, 60hz display.

Since I'm also buying a lot of new parts, I ideally want to spend around £200 on a new monitor, and I found these two to be the best choices:

  • The curved, VA panel AOC C24G1.
  • The more traditional TN panel G2590PX.

Both seem to be similar prices in the UK, but I'm confilicted about which to get.

I would've chosen the VA panel (which advertises 1ms), but after seeing this review I'm not confident the response times would make it worth paying for 144hz in the first place. The increased refresh rate is my main insentive to upgrade my monitor. It's why I've also considered the TN panel as an option.


What do you people think I should get: sacrafice responsiveness or sacrafice image quality (and the curve)?


In terms of games I play, I plan to use it for multiplayer gaming, but also interested in playing single player games too. I would probably prioritise multiplayer, though.

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i would go with the AOC for the better image quality. 

another option would be to go to pc world/curry's, sometimes they have monitors on clearance or they are selling the display model. i managed to get 2 samsung c24fg73 monitors, one for 200 and one for 170.

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