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Any excuse to use tools....


Hi All,


I got given the case by a client i help out from time to time. 

He didnt want me to fix the pc that was inside; so he asked if i wanted it.... why not!!


It was some prehistoric Athlon, cant remember what exactly..... 

I got to thinking, how much can i squeeze in this!


I've recently updated to Ryzen Gen2 (below) so i have spare parts..


My aim will be to fit;


xe360 rad

either 100ml or 200ml res 

X170 atx board (GB Gaming 6) w EK mono-block


1 or 2 SSD's


GPU (i'll need to buy)

Ram (i'll need to buy)

Bits power or ek fittings (depending on tubing choice)


If it works, this will become a VR setup


To the fun part..


Step 1: remove old parts.... check


step 2: strip case and make first cuts.... check

I cut out the floppy drive mount along with hdd cage. Also drilled out the rivets holding the covers in place. 


Step 3: Dremmel old front panel.... check 

Step 4: Cut acrylic to size... check


Step 5: Dill holes in acrylic for front panel grommets

Step 6: Dremmel the annoying lugs some more... 



I will be mounting the fans and rad to the Acrylic, as i cant see any other location to put it.

Just need to print out the holes template, and get cutting. 


The PSU area is at the top, so i'm hoping to create an acrylic cover for the top section to hide cables etc.

I know theres not enough clearance on the rear panel to cable neatly, but i'm not worried tbh


To cover the front panel, i've got either perforated mesh or i can cut and glue an acrylic section.

I'm leaning towards the mesh, for obvious airflow benefits. If i did go the acrylic route, i'd need to cut some vent holes in front panel.

I'd be able to hide them; but its more work.


For tubing; if i can be bothered; hardline w 16mm petg; otherwise soft tubing it shall be. 


If you have any ideas for this little project, please let me know! 



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worked out how to mount the 360rad

Acrylic panel is for testing, to see if it would work. Please excuse the messy work :(



I will need to find some custom bolts, as even the long rad bolts arent long enough when i tried to mount  a fan.

Also need to get a 120mm hole saw, thought i had one... turned out to be 127mm



I test fitted a 250ml Singularity Computers Res and a 150ml EK res. 

I used a really quick acrylic mount i made. I did this so i can offset the res to allow more room for cables etc. 




I'm leaning towards the 150ml as it would be easier for planned 14mm hardline runs.


What are your thoughts?

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2 hours ago, Psmall5 said:

What are your thoughts?

Black out the edges of the Acrylic to hide the frame from the front :) 

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