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Freeze with most "graphical applications"


Hi, yesterday I had a freeze while playing Agony (recent 3D fps) hard restarted my PC, but lost interest in playing the game again.

Today I played The Crew 2 normally, and then tryed to relaunch Agony, but this time it froze just when choosing to continue the game (with some pink around a 3D model)

So I had to hard restart again, but now, most applications that ask for graphics generally freeze and can't be closed

list of what i tryed :

CAD softwares like Solidworks, Fusion360, sketchup

games : The Crew 2, little nightmares, deltarune (got sound here, but white window and couldn't act on it, from what I was hearing at least)

normally only CPU graphics : Keyshot 8

even some graphs on a task manager replacement and the preview of graphic quality in nvidia control center froze

but videos are fine on youtube and through media players


I am on windows 7 up to date

P150SM laptop/motherboard (which has problem with many geforce driver, but didn't had too much problem with the most recent I could find working)

I7 4700MQ


GTX 860M


this made me think about the windows 10 update that was causing problem with intel integrated graphics, but i'm on 7 here

and I do have an old version of geforce driver, but never had this kind of problem before


any ideas?


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dust might clog up your cooler, open your rig and give it a good blow up.


also check with gpu-z for gpu frequency temps and load.

why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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there wasn't that much dust, I clean it several times a month

and guess what ... GPU-Z freezes the system as well...

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