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Help! I need new Headphones!

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Does anyone have any recommendations for some wireless headphones for gaming. They don’t have to be for “gaming” either. Basically here’s the requirements. I’d like headphones that are Wireless, Have good directional audio such as multiple channels or Dolby audio, and with no mic because I have an external mic I will be using. Thanks!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 hour ago, ShadySocks said:

Budget? Also know that multiple channels or dolby audio are just software that you can download online for free, one example would be Razer Surround...

Open-Back headphones are great for directional sound, however there aren't many wireless ones.

I don’t have a set budget. I also would rather not have software.

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3 hours ago, whitetea said:

I don’t have a set budget. I also would rather not have software.

Then u are stuck with a gaming headset because most of audiophiles headphone especially open back style wont be a wireless and wont have 7.1 surround.


Just buy gaming headset like Logitech G933,Corsair Void or Steelseries Artic 7.

Avoid a gaming headset that use multiple driver in each cup for surround sounds cause they will sounds really really bad.

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