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Lower capacity dual USB flash drive vs higher capacity standard USB flash drive

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm planning on buying a flash drive for school use. I found some pretty cheap 32GB Sandisk Ultra's for around $10. I also found a Sandisk Dual Drive (USB-A and USB-C) 16GB for the same price, 32GB is around $18. My phone is a Moto Z Play, and I thought that the USB-C would be useful if I didn't bring my laptop but wanted to send some files to my classmates.


Keep in mind, I'm in high school, and I'm from the Philippines as well, and we don't have large amounts of allowance to buy these things. The cheaper the better, of course without sacrificing on quality. But seeing as these are legit Sandisk ones, I'm not worrying.


I'm much not of a hoarder as well. I tend to delete most crap I won't ever need, but I think 16GB will just barely be cutting it.


So, should I get the standard 32GB Sandisk Ultra, the 16GB Sandisk Dual, or the 32GB one? I'll be loaning from my mom since I'm broke lol so I don't think she'll be happy with the $18 one.

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I would buy the 16GB dual drive if you're going to be using it with your phone as well. Chances are you won't ever use more than 16GB, and I've only used 10GB on my drive with a ton of programs installed on it.


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Posted · Original PosterOP
32 minutes ago, r4tch3t said:

I would say get the 32gb and buy a usb A to C adaptor from ebay for $1-2. 


I'm not really a fan of the adaptor solution. One way or another, I'll end up losing them

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