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[Build Log] Apollo

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Posted · Original PosterOP

A P O L L O - B U I L D  L O G


Current specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i v2 Extreme Liquid CPU Cooler

RAM: 16GB Corsair 2666mhz Vengeance LPX DDR4

GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition 

Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Ranger ROG Board

Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

Hard Drive: Samsung 250GB 850PRO Evo SSD

Secondary Hard Drive: 1TB

Case: NZXT H440 2015 Black

PSU: RM 650x 


12/05/17 : A splash of white?


I've had this system for a while now and I'd decided it was time to change the theme.. It didn't really have one to start with so I should say give it a theme!

Here's how we began...


(Image to be updated)


Standard and uncoordinated.


Now for that splash of white..


We started with the black corsair DDR4 Memory.

I masked off the PCB and spray painted the heat-spreader white using standard spray paint;

some have suggested temperature resistant paint. The issue I have with that is that it means the heat-spreader retains more heat vs using a standard spraypaint

which is rated for fairly high temperatures anyway.

Some people also suggest removing the memory unit from the heat-spreader prior to painting, you may opt for this if you cant mask off the areas effectively.

I'm not overly proud of the paint job but you only see the apical surface anyway.


(Image to be updated)


The next step was painting the VRM heatsink + The southbridge heatsink + The 4 CPU pump screws

For this, I removed them from the Mobo and masked off the thermal pads along with the sides and inner fins to avoid too much heat retention.

Again, I used standard spraypaint vs plasti dip as the layer of spray paint is much thinner than the plastidip coating thus less heat is retained.

To be certain the heat sinks capacity to dissipate heat hadn't been affected too much I ran an AIDA64 benchmark, the temperatures for these aforementioned regions remained the same as prior to painting.

Again, not particularly proud of the painting, this was my first time after all..


(Image to be updated)



(Image to be updated)


In addition to the painting I also purchased some CableMod individually sleeved white cables.

After reattaching the heat sinks to the motherboard I then replaced all cables and re-installed my Corsair H100i v2, using some Arctic MX4 and the Arcti-Clean system.

Noting that this and probably just reinstalling the pump a little tighter has reduced my stress test temperatures by around 10C.


A touch of light was in order since my system was behind a smoke glass window..

So I decided to install NZXT's HUE+ and their  Aer RGB120 Series 120 mm RGB LED Fan.

And this was the final result..


(Image to be updated)


Very pleased with the result.


(Image to be updated)


Currently waiting on NZXT's USB header hub for some additional cable management.

I also have to cable-tie the white braided cables within the view of the window to keep them trained.


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