R9 280X to GTX 1060?

1. check the top of the graphics card. you can see what power connector(s) it's connected to. The site of Sapphire suggest it to be 1 8 pin and 1 6 pin. Since 1060s use either a 6 pin or an 8 pin depending on the manufacturer of the card, you certainly got the cable to power the card.


2. This question depends on your budget. If you can afford the 1070, get one. It will handle games for 3 years at high settings at the very least. Either versions of the 1060 can't promise that. Since you are upgrading from a more-than-usable card, it's better to get something that is expensive, but is still affordable and will withstand games coming out in the future for years.

If you don't have that budget and don't want to wait for a 1070 (I see no reason for that), get a rx 470 4gb. It carries the greatest value of graphics card with this level of performance.


3. Check your power supply. Powering power-thirsty old AMD products for so long and being part of a used machine means a good check is necessary. If it is something highly rated in this list, then go on. If not or you see a lot of dust inside, replace it before it does something bad.


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