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Reece Leu

Do you think this tempered glass desk will hold my computer?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
I purchased this Techni Mobili L-shaped tempered glass desk up. The manual says each glass piece can hold 80lbs.  My computer weighs in at 50.6lbs and is currently resting on the corner edge of the glass right above a support beam + glass circular support thing. The glass bows only .5cm down. What I'm worried about is, since the computer is resting right on the edge, will the 80lbs rule apply and am I risking my expensive machine? Thanks


8mm thick

21 inches length

41 1/2 inches width






blackshades on



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If it says it can hold 80lbs they have hopefully tested it so you should be fine. If it does break, I'm not a lawyer, but you should be entitled to a refund. It should hold if it is bowing as long as it is not cracking.

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Check the ToS of the desk, if it illicitly states it can hold 80lb and it breaks holding 50lb, then that is a lie in the product manual and you could take it legal.

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Usually speced load is well under max capacity but it depends on the brand i.e. some of the stuff that comes out of china they wont give a damn about specs because if you complain they can just ignore you, they just put up whatever spec makes them look competitive.

A 5mm bow would concern me slightly though especially when the computers placed over the support. You could always wedge a chock under the middle of the glass and the beam for peace of mind. Note that when tempered glass goes, it will just go with little to no warning.

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It will hold.

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I have a tempered glass desk and might says the max is 70 lb but my 98 lb dog gets on it all the time to look out the window, I would assume that the weigh is what they put on one tiny point in the center untell it broke, so as long as the weigh is distributed (like the bottom of the case, you should be fine)

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My desk is a glass top from Ikea with a 1CM thickness. I have stood on mine before holding 3 monitors + my weight and no support underneath (as the desk stands are at the edges) and it was fine.



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It looks to be a fairly thick tempered glass top about 1cm so it will be pretty good especially since it's resting most of it's weight over a member, Tempered glass is pretty tough stuff some of the good stuff won't break even if you take a hammer to the surface (Note: Not the edge).

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