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ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP! Omega and AMP! Extreme plus a GTX 980 AMP! Extreme Giveaway!

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I like the fake carbon fiber look of the Zotac Amp! Extreme. While the card is pretty thick, I doubt that it will be an issue for many people will probably stick with single cards since the 970's and 980's are still pricey to do in SLI for now.

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Thiese cards are all the amazing. Love the carbon fiber and lighting. Tripple slot also wins bragging rights. Sexy cards + amazing graphics = win.

Live Long and GAME ON!!!

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The thing I like most about the 970 is that it's a stronger GPU than my current Radeon 7950. I hope I win.

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Absolutely love the look of these new beasts from Zotac, had been really tempted to pull the trigger and get an orange zotac 780 and do a themed build but then all funds dried up. These cards look great with their non reference desings and cooling, 900 series cards just get better and better, lower power consumption, better efficiency and as you said in the video, these zotac cards run QUIET :3 good luck to everyone else

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