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  1. You SHOULD get a board with VRM heatsinks, but you don't necessarily NEED one in all cases. With a 3100 you'll be just fine.
  2. Given that they're the same speed & latency, 2x16. Ryzen is only dual channel, so you'd just be limiting yourself for future upgrades.
  3. Actually just got one the other week for the miss to do her photo and video editing on. It's a great laptop for if you need the power and is light for a gaming laptop, but if you don't, it's pretty hefty to lug around all that extra weight you won't take advantage of. The charging brick is impressively small though.
  4. Stock recoveries won't allow access to internal storage, only aftermarket ones like TWRP will and I believe it's the only one that will connect to MTP automatically without confirmation. There was only a certain period of Android devices where they would automatically enable storage access upon connecting to a PC, when they first switched from USB mass storage to MTP. However, due to security risks of this with public USB outlets at airports and whatnot, this quickly became frowned upon and now pretty much all devices require user confirmation in order to enable phone storage to be
  5. Will they actually show what it looks like is the big question
  6. Somehow they still managed to see a need to produce a 240W PSU But hey, it's got RGB!
  7. You could also go to the junkyard, get a car battery, and toss a wrench across the terminals
  8. Possibly as the latter models were developed later on. Intel's chip lineup is just so unnecessarily fragmented and over the top right now that it's like buying a sedan from General Motors in the mid 2000s, ridiculous. They need to slim the roster.
  9. Thunderbolt 3 is the important part that you're looking for, so at the moment you'll need something Intel. If you're not doing anything graphically demanding and just research/writing work though, you shouldn't need discrete graphics. Pretty much any Thunderbolt 3 equipped laptop will have a good enough iGPU to do high-res for just productivity.
  10. Unfortunately you need an NTFS partition to install Windows on. You could do what others above have suggested of shrinking the partition and creating an NTFS one in the empty space, but honestly that's just as much time and effort as you could be spending just backing up the files to somewhere and doing a fresh install on a clean drive. It's much less cluttered that way and less likely to run into weird issues or poor performance afterwards.
  11. Compared to your old system you'll see maybe 100W more total draw under load, if that Under realistic load scenarios you'd be hard pressed to be drawing 300 total system watts. If it's been going fine till now and still is, I wouldn't change it.
  12. If it's NTFS formatted, Windows will usually allow you to just install onto it anyways and not erase any data, as long as there's enough free space. If it's formatted to Mac file system or APFS or whatever though you can't, you'll need to back up your data first, then format to NTFS (or have the Windows install do it for you). But as a boot drive.... SSDs are cheap
  13. Yeah, I'd need two, and where I am an F14 is $13 while a A14 PWM is $32. Ouch
  14. There's different displays that can be optioned on the same model family (G14), but usually there will be a suffix or variation in the specific model of the unit that denotes the specific feature set like G14SA, G14SB, etc (just an example, I don't know what they actually are). Like how the same car can be offered with a number of different engines on the same model or even on the same trim level.
  15. Oh hey, it's Sarah (I don't actually play any of the games, just a fan of Ashly Burch haha) But yeah, I've been very happy with F12s and P12s in the past. They're not flashy or fancy by any means but they do the job done well and are such a good value. I need some 140s for my other PC and was thinking of trying out Noctua for the first time but I'm still very tempted to just get F14s instead.
  16. I agree with Surface laptops not being particularly the best you can get for the price, especially since the whole form factor schtick of Surface is gone in the laptop. I have an Acer Swift 3 and it has been by far the best overall laptop I've owned especially after considering the value. They're releasing a new one soon with Ryzen 4000 series chip - I'd definitely check it out.
  17. How long have you owned it, and what were you running on it before? It's not what I'd call great, but not what I'd just toss in the trash immediately either. I assume you're not running your rig full-tilt 24/7 so I don't see why it can't handle a 3700X and 5700XT,
  18. As others have mentioned, MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision. Simply turn off the "auto" option next to the fan speed, set whatever fan speed you'd like, then click apply. They also allow you to set custom fan curves to your liking.
  19. I went into Memory Express looking for a can of compressed air and an SSD the other day and saw that they had a new Arctic cooler that seems to replace the Freezer 7 Pro. It was cheap enough ($25 Canadian dollars) and I thought it looked really pretty so I thought I'd buy it for my other PC that's kicking in the house. The cooler uses a 92mm fan so it is quite short and should fit in pretty much all tower cases without needing to worry about height restrictions. It uses the standard AMD 2-clips design to attach using the standard brackets that come with the boards, so it is compati
  20. If you're familiar with second-hand market, you could always buy an 6600K/6700K and sell your old CPU.
  21. What is the wheel listed as under device manager? And the game controllers settings window?
  22. If you have only one stick, there is literally zero difference what slot it goes into. It will get read from and written to all the same even with the less than an inch distance difference in electricity crossing a PCB.
  23. I'll miss them too, seems like there's no choice now because "the market says so". Out of all the devices I've owned (see profile lol) many of my favorites have been smartphones with physical keyboards. The top of which being the MyTouch 4G Slide which I still held on to for many years as a daily driver alongside other devices. A while later I was really stoked to get the PRIV when it came out being the only modern device to try and revive the very practical slider form factor but it was just way too big (height+width wise) for my hands and pockets, an issue that I still fight with today as ph
  24. My S6 Edge had a noticeable tinge on the boarder of the edges, but the actual main portion of the screen was fine with white whites.
  25. Live for Speed is a very lightweight and f2p game with reliable wheel support if you just want to see if it works.