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  1. Hey guys, I'm planning a new custom water cooling build for my streaming/gaming pc and I think I've come up with the whole build, but I can't find a case that I like. Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/DCWkBP The build is going to be a black and pink color scheme done primarily by RGB lighting. The case fans are subject to change with the case obviously. Things I want from the case: Mid or Full Tower, Front Panel USB Type C preferred, Side Panel Window (Tempered Glass Prefered). I was considering the Lian Li PC-O11, however it doesn't seem like it has any effective w
  2. I've been wanting a new projector and this looks cool as hell. Either way I still get my 5 internet stars
  3. Spend $20 on some good headphones. Monoprice's overears are great for the price. Keep using the mic from your webcam.
  4. Key currency has been out since TF2 started in like 2007. I personally like the "key" or "metal" currency. It's nice and adds a good amount of difference between a noob trader and an experienced one.
  5. If you're recording or streaming would still highly recommend a decent mic. Blue Snowball is really good for ~$40 US.
  6. I have a few thinkpads that I use regularly. T420 with mint and xfce, x201 with arch, and a T60p with arch (it's old but I still love it <3).
  7. That is not a scam. Even in your scenario because of this quote "and you automatically assume that the cable will be like $30-$60 like a good audio cable does". If you assume something and it's not the case that's your problem. You can be mad that you paid to much and aren't getting what you were expecting. That's your problem. Razer didn't scam you, Razer promised a device that would make their laptop better. The released that product, they never even hinted at a price for it. They could have charged 10,000,000 for it and it wouldn't be a scam. You don't have to buy the core, if you think it'
  8. That probably because your tv is gorgeous, not because up-scaling is gorgeous.
  9. I agree. While this is a cool idea, it doesn't seem to have any real benefits and referred to the concession line just makes you look like kind of a dick.
  10. Honestly it would be easier with the budget you have to build 2 separate but awesome gaming rigs.
  11. PS4 is locked at 1080p so technically it couldn't run 60 fps at 1440p
  12. I consider workstation a broader term. Workstations do enable content creation, but I think workstation to include programming and compiling, virtualization, database maintenance, 3D rendering, etc. I guess I should have explained that in my original comment, my apologies.
  13. Average Yokel - Yes. Workstation users - No. Content creators - Yes.
  14. This, before I had a gaming laptop I would take my desktop to college. I would just buckle it in, drive to college, than wheel in a corsair 760T on a skateboard. Good times.