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How to Remove Background Noise from USB Mics

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i will take a look at this video soon

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The (expensive but worth it) way to remove background noise is to buy a cardioid mic like the Blue Yeti that is shock mounted on a boom with a pop filter. And set on a mode where it only picks up sound in one direction. Other cheap mics sacrifice quality for noise cancelling capabilities.

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I don't have any problems with sort of thing thanks to my soundcard.

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I have a samson gtrack and it run's like a beauty, i like the on bored mixamp, so i can adjust my headphone volume and my mic volume using the knobs on the mic

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Video got removed? Try this one. It seems to be up :P I dont know what his method was, but this is my method.



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That was for editing a recording. I was looking for a solution to real time.

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