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  1. what if i just buy a lan pci card, because I DO NOT WANT to have to replace this motherboard, it was a pain in the ass to build this system.
  2. yeah different ports on router that work with other pcs, different cables
  3. i tested it already with another cable that my main computer is connected to. No lights on the back of the board. So im thinking something hardware related died?
  4. i went to my system restore page. Turns out my computer thought it was 2009, so i have no restore points to go back to.
  5. I have an asus z97m plus motherboard. Today randomly I wasn't connected to the internet. I check the adapter and turns out it is completely gone. I went to the asus site and installed the Intel LAN Driver V19.2.104.0 for Windows Win7 32bit & Win7 64bit & Win8 32bit & Win8 64bit---(WHQL). For my mobo. But this fails to install. It prompts me with "no Intel(r) adapters are present on this computer". So I dont know what to do. Is my motherboard broken? or am i missing something in the drivers.
  6. Last night my pump on my h100i started dying. While confirming that was the issue. I pressed power button while it was off, saw everything on the inside flick on for a second and then imidiatly go black again. Right now the new pump is in and the computer has power running through it (green LED for the asus z97a is lit up. But when I press power nothing on the computer happens, like I have pressed nothing. I am panicking please help.
  7. so do i call them and get an RMA? like earliar in the day the computer was running just fine and doing well. Went to dinner came back and all of the sudden while browsing the internet just got super loud.
  8. why would this happen though. Nothing changed. btw restarting it is like a fucking airplane.
  9. good news. Change the sata cable it starts and doesnt freak the fuck out. Still fading between blue - white - red and back again. But on the corair link I dont see an option that shows me pump speed. cpu idle at 55 c
  10. ill do this and im changing the sata power cables right now as the other guy said.
  11. Ive had the thing for under a month. Could this really be it?
  12. Computer has been running fine. Not OC. I have an h100i cooling my 4790k. Out of no where today it got loud. So i open corsair link and my h100i pump had a red glow around it and the number read 0. It kept getting really loud and then slightly quieter. Restart did not solve. I had just updated my firmware for the program today. Any ideas what happened and am I screwed. Thanks!
  13. So i currently have an 8350 and it is pretty terrible for gaming and streaming (dont argue with me). I am upgrading to a 4790k and plan on getting a corsair h100i. My biggest problem is which Motherboard I am going to be getting along with it Requirments: $150 max Great onboard audio overclockable uhhh not sure what else A sweet color that I will never see because it will be in my case Love you guys, thanks a ton.
  14. Hey count me in! you guys are the reason i built a computer!