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Fan placement in inverted cases?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

What would be the best fan placement in the Dark Base 700 in its inverted layout?

Adding a picture of a similar build for illustration (ignore that the radiator at the front is used as exhaust, for my build that will be intake) 



Note that the top only has vents in  the back, referred to top back from now on. 


With a normal layout i would just slap the additional fan at the top back and have the air go from the front to the top and back of the case with both fans pulling in the same direction. 

With the inverted layout you cannot place the back fans next to each other, rather they have to be at back bottom and top back. My concern is that with a fan in top back position as an exhaust fan in the inverted layout could counteract the GPU fans and also lead the GPU fans to circulate its own hot air again and again. Is it possible that the top back would be better of as an intake blowing down at the gpu in the inverted layout? I can also note that i would get an additional air filer if i were to use the top back as intake.


ATM i see 3 options


1. Use the top back as intake


2. Use the top back as exhaust


3. Dont have a fan at the top back at all and run push pull on the radiator instead


Does anyone have experience with inverted cases?

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Personal I wish there were more invert cases. Especially for case with closed off front panels.

But anyways I'd used it as an intake.


Another idea would be to reverse the air flow. Use

top intake 

Rear intake

Front exhaust

This option would depend on where your system is located as hot air would be coming out the front and may not be comfortable if it's blowing on you

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