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The Torrent

Possible to scale wallpaper engine backgrounds to work on two differently sized monitors??

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So im wondering, e.g you have a 28inch and a 24inch 1440p monitor and you spread a wallpaper over both of them, ofcourse they are not going to line up because windows assumes they are both the same size as does wallpaper engine,


So if you have a wallpaper with e.g a line runing through it, you have to manually adjust it each time to make it line up in nvidia control panel.


And if if has another line which is somewhere else, you have to adjust it again when you change wallpaper.


So im wondering if there is any way to auto scale the backgrounds so that they always line up? Kinda like a littlebigmouse but for wallpapers.


I am assuming its not a thing unless i change the resolution of the smaller monitor (which i dont want to do as then it will look blurry) but just curious.

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