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Does this mean I killed my CPU?

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Posted · Original PosterOP



(Stock Bios?)




Windows 10 64bit

32gb g.skill Ram ddr4




So, I was trying to find my fan setting in MSI dragon center (I did it before when I setup the PC and I did it when I was half awake so I was looking everywhere aimlessly..) I found a section called cpu frequency and I accidentally changed a value when reading the info buttons near a bunch of numbers. I didn't see what I changed so I went to click default and I clicked apply by accident (I kind of had a brain fart..) 
After that:

Immediately my PC shut off.

I did some googling and decided to treat this as a bad Overclock issue (I figured xpu frequency is a oc thing) and went to clear the CMOS. I turned it off, spamming the power button and reset button. Unplugged, hit the power some more and gave it 5 minutes. Unplugged the cmos battery and gave it about 10 minutes before replugging it.

When it booted I clicked use Default Values as I loaded into a menu saying my cmos had been reset. I couldn't boot into windows and inside my bios settings I saw it wanted boot from my HDD not my SSD so I went and rearranged my boot order. It did boot into windows, however after about 30 seconds my PC shut off again and now it is not loading again.

Do I need to clear the cmos again, and click setup rather than use default values?(Did that option just redo the accidental changes) or am I big screwed.

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Make sure SATA mode in the BIOS is set to AHCI or whatever the value was when you installed Windows. If it was AHCI when Windows was installed, then changed to something like RAID, it will fail to boot Windows.

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15 minutes ago, Pvt900 said:


Check your CSM boot options. When you clear the CMOS it will clear those settings as well. And I've seen boards that strangely use Legacy mode as the default rather than UEFI. 


Oh and yes, AHCI mode instead of IDE is important as mentioned above. 

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