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Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement

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I am working on a Surface Pro 3 screen replacement for my family, and have removed the busted factory screen/digitizer. They don't know if the Surface is even functional, so I don't want to order a new screen to find out something else is busted. Does anyone know if a functional Surface Pro 3 would boot up and display to an external monitor without its screen connected? My thought was to get a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable and connect it to an external monitor and see if it will even boot before I order a replacement screen...thank you in advance!

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It does output. But when windows boots up, both the main screen (in this case the tablet screen) and the secondary screen will light up, but the 2nd screen will be black and the first one will display the standard windows lock screen. So if the computer has a password or a pin, then you'll have to try to enter the pin or password without seeing the screen to get the surface to output on the 2nd screen.

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Also if the system doesn't have a password, or you unlocked the system but it doesn't output to a display, there is a chance of windows is not configured to output to a 2nd display in which case just press Start + P once and it should output to the other screen.


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