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Temporary account in windows 10

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Hello, i m facing problem in my laptop to add my Microsoft account and losing my files after a reebot because its booting in temporary account .This was started happening when its loses power during update and then my friend had reset it, and now i have tried registry editor method to log in to adminstrator account but it is still booting into temporary account.Help me out!

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Reinstall windows?



I'm just speaking from experience so what I say may not work 100%

Please try searching up the answer before you post here but I am always glad to help

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win key + R
ctrl + f
change s 1 5 #xxx.bak to its name without the .bak, Start reg_dword to 100
you may delete the other profile. search hivelist in regedit to see which profiles are which ntuser.dat
check my disused MeKLiN youtube channel, livestream tab, for this method and many others for advanced SSD tweaking and windows gaming performance tweaking, make sure to click 'show all old live steams'
i currently working this methods into windows 10, its a lot harder but everything i do in that 6 hour video can be done to 10, only after u get steam games and every driver and program (virtual audio cable, etc) running. it basically needs a custom shell as disabling the many things that screw cpu idle times in testing vs win7 break windows or the start menu when disabled. if the guys who did testing against windows 7 had me on their team they would've beat it, as u can see the numbers were close for dx11 game FPS, yet windows 7 won. the margin that close, and the lower amount of actual usage once stripped that windows 10 has, makes it a better cpu idler. and i was able to get 3us dpc latency on asus b550m-a prime wifi with ryzen 3600x amd rx570 win10pro lite iso off archive()org

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