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Help with google calendar

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So first I would like to share the components (hardware) that I use and then explain the problem...


I am currently using a macOS computer (10.15.6), an apple watch (4), and as a daily driver a Samsung galaxy A51 phone. I also have the old iphone, but it is just lying at home serving as a kind of a server for the notifications for the watch.


The problem I am facing is that whenever I create an event on my mac calendar (it is linked with the google calendar) it takes a lot of time (a few hours) to be updated on the A51 , however I can not get it to work (to sync) with the watch or the iPhone whatsoever.

Is there any option that I could choose that required the calendars to update on all devices idk every 3-5 minutes or so? (I did change the settings on the mac that the calendar is updated every minute...)



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AFAIK this is not server side issue, but how device handles syncing.

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