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What monitor calibration hardware should I get?

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I'm a semi pro photographer who recently upgraded to a nice IPS display from a garbage old TN panel I used to have. I'd like to finally after all these years get a monitor calibration tool so that my editing and any prints are as accurate as possible. Is there any real reason to go with one monitor calibration tool over another? Seems like at the end of the day they all would largely do the same thing to me, but I haven't done much research yet. Any guidance as to recommended calibrators or further research would be very helpful!

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i1 Display Pro is what I've used since it rolled out. Generally works like a charm. 


Mind you, Windows color managment is a sh* show and a half, and is one of the key reasons you see so many creatives prefer to use Macs, despite them being slower computers.


The Apple monitors in the laptops having amazing delta's for their size, perfect touchpads, and easy color managment, it's just the combination of those attributes where if you're working out in the field alot, tethered, it doesn't really make sense to use anything else. Like I don't even know where to start for a PC tether station to use on location.. The new XPS 15? What would you use before that came out? Definitely not a computer with an OLED display


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