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  1. I feel stupid even asking this question as there are countless posts all over the internet discussing the issue, but I feel like a lot of the people on this forum are more intelligent/knowledgeable than users on others. I've seen different subredits having opposite opinions on the issue, so I wanted to see what people here think. Is XMR mining with my CPU worth it/going to damage it long term? Mine stays around 70C and sometimes lower depending on the temp outside, but it makes me about a dollar day more or less depending on the various factors. As someone who doesn't make a ton of money at hi
  2. Turns out the 99% rubbing alcohol works pretty well. I switched to using that and shop towels (had to get the alcohol on Amazon because it's sold out everywhere I looked). Still a laborious effort, but is working much much better than 70% or 90% were.
  3. Yeah that makes sense! Hadn't considered that when I started using it. I'll try a higher percentage and see if that works!
  4. Hmm the higher percentages have been a bit harder to find lately thanks to Coronavirus, but I guess I'll go out and hunt for some
  5. Haha nope! I've seen components from smokers before though! Those things get gross
  6. Was cleaning off my old dusty motherboard with 70% rubbing alcohol and paper towels and after drying it has this weird whitish residue on it. I assume it's the dust (or something the dust is made out of) that's now smeared out across the mobo. What's the best way to clean this off? Just keep trying to use rubbing alcohol and paper towels until it's all gone or is there a better way to do this? I've done several passes and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. The paper towels seem to turn yellowish after being rubbed on the mobo for a bit if that's relevant.
  7. Working on a new build in a Fractal Meshify Define C and it's got 5 spots for fans. Two front intake, one rear exhaust, and two on the top. I've set the two front for intake (duh), the rear and top rear for exhaust (duh again), so that leaves me with one blank spot where I could put a fan (the front most top position). I've already got a fan I can place there so I figure why not, but would it be better to have an intake or an exhaust in that position? If I put an exhaust I'm a little concerned it could take away some of the air before it reaches the CPU cooler, and if I put an intake I feel li
  8. I think most likely I"ll go with 140mms just because I like how much neater the shroud will make the case look, but I will factor this into my decision! Won't be building for awhile as I wait for Zen 3
  9. The Fractal Design Meshify C's front can accept either two 140mm fans or three 120mm fans. Assuming I want things to be as cool as possible in my case should I go with the two or three? I assume 140mm fans are more powerful, but the fact that you get 3 of the 120s makes me unsure of which to go with. Any thoughts on which would be better for a cooler PC? Edit: Okay so turns out I should've googled this first because I'm definitely going 140mm. You have to take out the PSU shroud to go with three 120mms. My bad wish we could delete posts lol
  10. Does a lack of cache matter on the Sabrent 4.0? That's the reason I started to second guess myself on picking that drive. This'll be a boot drive I'd likely have for a solid 6 years (that's an educated guess based on my previous builds).
  11. So I'm planning a new rig for Zen 3 and (probably) and RTX 3080 (depending on what AMD releases). Figured I'd build a nice system because I have the money and I do photography/video/design work on top of gaming. What are some of the best choices out there for NVME SSDs between the $150-200ish price point for 1tb? At first I was going to go with a Samsung 970 Evo, but then changd my mind and was going to go with a Sabrent Rocket 4.0. Was wondering if I could get people's thoughts on these two drives or other possible good choices out there. There are so many SSDs to choose from that I've been g
  12. Might be a dumb question, but do they typically release the new motherboards (x670) at about the same time the new CPUs come out?
  13. Yeah that was a concern for me as well. Do we know anything about the changes to that chipset? I've done literally no research on that
  14. Yeah the VRM's were my main concern really. I figured they would be good, but at the end of the day I'd rather ask a dumb question then not ask and have an issue.
  15. Planning my first new build in about a decade and am swinging for the fences. I'm thinking I'll likely go with the 4900x or 4950x (or whatever they end up calling them). I might also just get a 3900x/3950x if the upgrade doesn't seem worth the price per performance. The MSI Tomahawk seems like a great motherboard all around for the price point I'm interested in. It's got great thermal performance and all the features I want on a motherboard. Thing is I'm not super knowledgeable when it comes to any potential pitfalls if I end up going with Zen 3. I don't normally pay super close attention to t