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Help for someone with not much clue!

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Trying to sort out the reality for my monitor that I've Googled to death.

I have an Acer Predator XB321HK 4K monitor. Its refresh rate is 60Hz. However, it has an OD function with 3 settings; Off, Normal and Extreme. What does this actually mean or do??

I read alot about overclocking the refresh rate, but I think (please correct if wrong) that the Monitor will only do 60Hz max. If this isn't the case, how do I increase this?

The monitor also has loads of settings and I'm not sure what to select to get the best out of it.



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2 minutes ago, GrvR78 said:

Off, Normal and Extreme

This is probably pixel overdrive settings, Overdrive speeds up the pixel transitions by using higher voltages on the pixels.It can reduce corona's but can also cause the pixels to distort colours.

Quote or at me @Smit Devrukhkar for me to see your replies.


Laptop :

Legion y520

i5 7300hq

1050 4gb oc

16gb ram

256 gb ssd

2tb hdd



Xeon E3 1245

16gb ram

256 gb ssd

2*2tb hdd

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It means overdrive and SolarNova explains it pretty well at this thread.


"‘Overdrive’ much like it sounds, increases the speed of the transition BUT by doing so makes it harder for the pixels to hit their intended mark.

It’s like adding NOS to a car, or a turbo kit and not upgrading the breaks.


When overdrive is enabled at its highest setting, this often results in ‘overshoot’ where the pixel goes past its intended target and has to come back down in brightness, this when viewed results in an inverse ghosting effect where the ‘blur’ is a lighter colour rather than a darker colour."


If you want to know what's the best overdrive for the monitor you own, you need to find a good review of your monitor where they have tested the overdrive setting.

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