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  1. Kolink is also in tier C, just under the low priority units, that's basically why I'm asking. Both are out of stock with no info when they'll be back in stock.
  2. Hello! My brother has an old computer and he's having problems with it. What he has told me, the computer has problems powering on and might even shut down when trying to turn on. So I suggested to change the power supply, since to me it sounds like either his power supply or motherboard is dying, but it's hard to find a motherboard for an old Intel Pentium APU system (G4560 If I remember correctly). I checked the psu tier list and came up with these three options. I was wondering if it's worth it to pay roughly 9€ more for the CV or SP9 over the Kolink since my br
  3. As someone who has lost 2 motherboards because of PSU deaths, I would suggest you change it asap and be thankful you got out scot free.
  4. I did some googling and I'm pretty sure I have the 16-step one. Mine is EC1-evo, one of the first Zowie mices they made. I've made so many accidental jumps in CS because of the scroll, and it's somewhat annoying when browsing the internet.
  5. I added G403 into my list. I haven't tried any lightweight mouse, and after playing 10+ years with big mices, I'll stick to them for now. Didn't know they still make them and I do have a problem with it. But if they have fixed the awfull scrollwheel I might consider it. I was pondering the Deathadder because it's really similiar. I'll try to do some research on them. I did watch some of his videos and checked the site. Honestly I wasn't all that impressed but I'll check few other reviews still before making my final judgment.
  6. I'm sure it's nice, but it would be rather expensive to import it into Europe. So if there are other other options I would rather buy locally.
  7. Why don't you take your Index and try it at your friends house? The VR software is easy enough to unistall from steam and you don't need any games to check and see that everything works.
  8. My Zowie EC1 has served me well for the past 8 years, but it's finally starting to break down. Yesterday the right click has stopped registering all together, so I need a new mouse. I'm looking for simple mice, I've liked the design of the old Razer Deathadder (from 2006) and the Zowie EC1. My friend had a Logitech MX 518 and I didn't care for its shape, I prefer the basic shape. Only buttons I really need are the forward / backwards and a button to change the DPI, as I play mostly FPS games, rpg's or some slow strategy / builder games so I don't need 10 000 different buttons on my m
  9. I've had only positive experiences because unions pay you unemployment benefits. 75% of your pay for 400 days.
  10. Seasonic Core is better than CXM. Non modular CX would be slightly better, if you can find it for the same price.
  11. Out of those three, Seasonic. Looking at pc partpicker Germany, other good options can be Bitfenix formula, Corsair CX and Corsair TXM. Assuming of course you can find them at reasonable prices. If you want to search for other options you can use the PSU tier list. I wouldn't go under Tier C for this system, but tier B or A would be preferred.
  12. See spreadsheet for changelog, methodology, detailed description of colors, sources, notes on grayed-out units including issues like GPU incompatibility or quality and performance issues, and other additional info. That is basically the first sentence in the op.
  13. Oculus 2 is the best bang for buck, but you have to deal with Facebook. I would stay away from the HP Reverb G2 for now, since it seems to have some tracking problems. They might fix it later on, but it's a gamble pick for now. Index is one of the best, but also really pricy, has availability problems at least in Europe and has some quality problems you need to be aware of. There are also lots of smaller companies making headsets, if you feel adventorous.
  14. If you follow the motherboards instructions it's not that hard to build your own computer. It will take time, because you'll probably forget to plug some wire(s), but it's pretty hard to accidentally damage the components. Just remember to be careful to not use too much force and after installing windows run some benchmarks to make sure the temperatures are fine, people here can help you with those.