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  1. I've had only positive experiences because unions pay you unemployment benefits. 75% of your pay for 400 days.
  2. Seasonic Core is better than CXM. Non modular CX would be slightly better, if you can find it for the same price.
  3. Out of those three, Seasonic. Looking at pc partpicker Germany, other good options can be Bitfenix formula, Corsair CX and Corsair TXM. Assuming of course you can find them at reasonable prices. If you want to search for other options you can use the PSU tier list. I wouldn't go under Tier C for this system, but tier B or A would be preferred.
  4. See spreadsheet for changelog, methodology, detailed description of colors, sources, notes on grayed-out units including issues like GPU incompatibility or quality and performance issues, and other additional info. That is basically the first sentence in the op.
  5. Oculus 2 is the best bang for buck, but you have to deal with Facebook. I would stay away from the HP Reverb G2 for now, since it seems to have some tracking problems. They might fix it later on, but it's a gamble pick for now. Index is one of the best, but also really pricy, has availability problems at least in Europe and has some quality problems you need to be aware of. There are also lots of smaller companies making headsets, if you feel adventorous.
  6. If you follow the motherboards instructions it's not that hard to build your own computer. It will take time, because you'll probably forget to plug some wire(s), but it's pretty hard to accidentally damage the components. Just remember to be careful to not use too much force and after installing windows run some benchmarks to make sure the temperatures are fine, people here can help you with those.
  7. These GPU launches just had everything that can go wrong, go wrong. Nvidia: Bad yields for Samsung and overall complicated cards. AMD: Trying to stretch their limited chips between PS5, Xbox Series X, Ryzen 5000 and RX 6000 series Both: GDDR6 shoratges, scalpers and lots of people with older cards trying to upgrade at the same time.
  8. It really depends, used games are usually pretty cheap so if you don't need to have the newest games right away you can save few bucks there. But bigger reason for discs is that eventually Sony will stop supporting PS5 playstation store, and in that case you're out of options without the blu-ray player. If you're going to sell the system once the new one comes out, it's not a problem.
  9. Reason for 2060 was that 5600xt and 5700 were such a good value around that price range. So the discounted 2060 was Nvidias answer to that problem. Assuming rest ofthe rx 6000 series is good, it's not out of this world to assume Nvidia would keep their initial cards at discounted price, alongside the supers.
  10. 1650 1650 super 1660 1660 TI 1660 Super 2080 2080 Super 2080 TI It does get really confusing fast for persons who don't follow tech regulary. There are just too many cards now, I don't understand why we need a card between every 50 bucks or so, but guess it makes Nvidia and AMD more money. And if the rumours are true and we will get the 3060 8GB, 3060 16gb and 3060 TI, plus other TI models and super cards on top it...
  11. Wait wait wait, so we're gonna have the normal versions, TI and Super cards? And I thought the RTX 2000 series was confusing with too many models.
  12. Every company cares about their image, but the talent do have suprising amount of freedom. There's a reason why Hololive is surrounded by drama. Not gonna touch this subject with 10 feet pole. First of all, it's political and hence not allowed here. Secondly I'm staying neutral. Sure have, but it's still too early to say if it's going to be just another fad or something more permanent. Outside of Nisinjanji the others are really small. Chinese market is pretty volatile and they will be getting more attention.
  13. Not really though. Compilations often have lots of inside jokes and they can be confusing to follow for new people. My recommendations would be clips with one or two vtubers in it. And since we're on LTT forums, why not suggest a tech talk video.
  14. Two of the Hololive talents showed their youtube analytics on stream, and in there Taiwan was mentioned as it's own region. Chinese watchers got angry, Hololive suspended said talents for 2 weeks, but the Chinese were still angry. They wanted one of them expelled and Hololive didn't do it.