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220v on my gpu (rx 580)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hello, so i live in us and accidentally set my psu to 220v instead of 120v. after turning on my pc, the pcie cable or/and the psu started making some smoke so i turned everything off. i got a new psu and my pc works well but i downloaded amd gpu drivers to check if my gpu was working and it said nothing was recognized. my motherboard and cpu work. I tried loading up minecraft and i only got 60 fps and my gpu shouldve gotten me more fps on minecraft since its not hard to run. i think it used my cpus integrated graphics and that my gpu is dead. however, the fans on the gpu still spinning. please tell me if you know what is happening.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, bmx6454 said:

your hdmi/dp/dvi is plugged into your gpu? or mobo? what are your full system specs?

hdmi is connected to my gpu. my specs are


rx 580

i3 10100

16gb ram 

b450m ds3h 

new psu: 700w

512 gb ssd

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1 hour ago, fffkylian said:

hdmi is connected to my gpu. my specs are

if it is plugged into your gpu, it's not using the igpu. sounds like the voltage may have cooked the card. do you have another system you can test the gpu in?

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