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Sell price?

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7 minutes ago, GeneralGusher said:


I am thinking about maybe selling my ps4 slim 1tb and was wondering how’s much I shoull lol d sell it for?

I would suggest going on Twitch and applications/websites such as Craigslist, Offerup, and Ebay and seeing what other people in your area are selling them for.

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Facebook marketplace is where i usually sell electronics. Just look at other ps4s in your area and what they're selling for, and price it accordingly. If anything slightly inflate the price a bit so you're more likely to get the money that you want for it, as there's always room for negotiation.

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depends on the condition really, but @5x5 is probably right

@Johnny-Boi or DM me on discord

@King of Reeeeee Land#9814  

PC is a work in progress, open to any tips and suggestions with ways listed above 😉

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