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    Ryzen 5 2400g
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    Asus Tuf B450-Plus
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    Corsair 16gb 3200 LPX
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    1050 SC
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    Cooler Master 3.1 elite
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    a lot
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    EVGA 500w
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    1 24inch monitor

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  1. Hey So my cousin & I want to play COD and some other multiplayer games together but only he has ps+ and I am unable to get it at this moment. Is there a way where he can some how share his PS+ with me so that we can both play multiplayer games together? Btw we both live in different states so it would have to work on 2 different play stations
  2. Hey, So my cousin has PS+ and told me that he can add me into his family for me to use it. Would I be able to use it at the same time even though we are living in different states?
  3. tbh right now there aren't really any "budget"gpu's. From what I've seen the prices have gone wayyy up. I got my gtx 1050 like 1 or 2 years ago for $150 while the ti versions were around 200 but now the ti versions are like $300+. If you need to get a gpu right now, I would consider getting one from B&H. I bought some previous ones from there for much less than on Amazon
  4. Hi! so recently I just replaced my iPhone 7 lighting cable and the front camera and now that it boots I’ve been having some problems. First, before I could get it to boot I had to restore the phone like 10 times because non of them were successful. Once I got it to boot, then I went through the setup perfectly fine up until eventually the home button stopped working. I don’t know if it’s broken or not because it was working perfectly fine so im just wondering if anyone could know the problem with it?
  5. Hey I have the JBL E55BT over ear headphones and I have been running into some problems with them. When ever I use them, they sometimes randomly disconnect either when I'm opening up a game like GTA or really any other game or sometimes just when I'm normally browsing the web or watching a movie. Ive tried these headphones with another PC but the same problem keeps occurring. Ive contacted JBL and they sent me a new one with my warranty but the same problem is happening with the new ones. So basically I'm saying that both pairs of headphones have been having the same problem. I was
  6. oh damn that looks cleannnn. Im probably gonna get these then
  7. I was looking at these. They look good too. Can you send a picture of them?
  8. Hey so I have this mechanical keyboard and I was thinking of getting some new keycaps. I saw that some keyboards have thin keycaps and was wondering if anyone can recommend me some that aren’t too expensive. It would be nice if they could be under 25$ *my key switches are in the shape of a plus sign here is my keyboard rn https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-FLAGPOWER-Anti-Ghosting-Keyboards/dp/B07VKRGR1H thanks
  9. Ok thanks! I was looking at Amazon and saw so many old gpu’s for like 200
  10. Hey i currently have a gtx 1050 SC and was looking for a new gpu i was looking for something for $200 and under. Is there anything worth buying that won’t get outdated in a couple years?
  11. Hi so today I fixed my old iPhone 7. I replaced the lightning port and the front camera and now for some reason when I plug in the phone and turn it on it gets stuck in a boot loop. The apple logo comes up then it turns off and does the same thing again. Luckily I didn’t close the phone just in case I needed to fix anything else. Any help is appreciated!
  12. Alight thanks I’ll check it out
  13. I would but I cant pay for one