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Legit monitor company?

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It's a legit company. Whether or not you think it's worth investing in is up to you.

Quote me to see my reply!


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i use arch btw

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1 hour ago, rg4video said:


saw this ad on Facebook (I know) and wanted to know from you guys if this was a legit company to invest in?

I'll say what I've said before:


Their last kickstarter project (EVE V) they never delivered on and people are still demanding refunds. Now they are making monitors, and wouldn't you know it, they're doing everything they can to encourage people to pre-order a year+ in advance (as the ability to chargeback through the bank has a limited time window) by saying the price will be higher when it goes on sale, and that they have technology that is ahead of Samsung, LG, Dell, and all the other major manufacturers. Mhm.


Personally I'd wait for the monitor to actually be

  1. Reviewed by reputable sources
  2. Available for purchase

before I give them any money.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Wha do you think? For a 4K photoshop and gaming monitor does it hold its ground?

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2 hours ago, rg4video said:

Wha do you think? For a 4K photoshop and gaming monitor does it hold its ground?

If gaming and high color accuracy are priorities for you, both Asus and Acer offer a 144hz, 4K panel with HDR1000 support.

The monitors exist (always a positive😜), they have been widely reviewed, and they can be bought from established companies.

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"If something looks to good to be true, it often is"

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