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Windows boot problem

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone, I've an unique problem that I'd like to discuss. Today I bought a larger ssd and I tought I could clone the last one to avoid re installing windows, it didn't work and I had problems to install the fresh copy of the OS in the new ssd, I finally managed to solved it by plugging the old one and formating my new ssd from the os to gpt, it all worked fine, started to work in the os until I was done. So I turned off the system, umplugged the old one and tought I was done, when it turned on it didn't boot and showed the error mbr error 1. I tried the following : umplugged everything but the ssd, start up repair from the windows tool. I plugged the old one back in and set the order like this : 1st windows boot manager, 2nd the new ssd and it works. Can I repair the boot so I can unplug the old ssd which now is not nescesary? Or I'm done. Thank you! 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Update that didn't work either, I found out that the boot is now configured for dual boot, so not even the old one alone will boot :s 

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Clone old system again but this time do it proper. Use Macrium Reflect rescue usb. Then boot using only new drive and then plug old one. I wrote it probably 100 times so far, I must prepare some universal answer for copy and paste. :)

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