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Hi LTT community,

Scroll down to the part in bold if you dont care about my life and just wanna answer my question.

I am a Student with a decent payed side-job, looking for a new setup. Current setups: (i5 6600K 4.6GHz; GTX1060 6GB; 16GB Ram; 500GB SSD 740evo; 750GB salvaged HDD from some laptop) (Acer V5 i5 3330U; GT 720 2GB; 8GB Ram)

Yes current setup is not bad. However, I am a student and need therefore a light portable laptop that has great battery life and does not look gamerish. Then I need a computer where i can game and stay in touch with long distance friends. My struggle is that i wanna have one system. Therefore I am lokking for a nice lightweight laptop eg. MSI 15 Prestige. Where i can game when I am traveling abroad and when back home plug into a RTX2070 for example.


My issue so far is that with the current E-GPU setup over TB3 the 4x lanes (3,938GB/s) and a normal Graphics card being around (6.4 GB/s) I wont bother considering this setup. However, now comes the question: With the new Intel mobile CPUs whenever they release them, with the PCI-e 4.0 the speed of 4x lanes will be (7,877GB/s) hence no bottleneck in theory. Do you think that if such laptop is bought the current lets say Razer Core X chroma will support over TB3 the new  PCI-e 4.0? I mean TB3 has 40GB/s in theory right? Thank you for your time!!!

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