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Kawaii Koneko

Is there a decent USB 3.0 switch with a wireless remote control?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Pretty much what the title says. I'm looking for a USB switcher that is at least USB 3.0 and has a wireless remote control. I've managed to find some with wired remotes but I need something wireless. Basically, I want this for my X and later for the Series X when it comes out so I can deactivate a USB hard drive without having to get off the couch. Reason I want to do this is so I can keep certain DLC on the hard drive for games where I sometimes want to remove DLC maps from rotation, such as Black Ops 1 (you can't always find people playing them anymore so I have to remove the maps so I can actually find people to play with).


I'm also open to other suggestions for accomplishing my goal if anyone can think of something. So far my best solution would be to get a smart power outlet and hook up a powered USB hub and just kill the power to the thing that way. Something like this would work.


I'm so tired of getting off the couch to unplug my USB drive from my X lol.

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I've done some searching around but cant find anything suitable, the closest i've found is a wifi controlled usb adapter from SONOFF but its for controlling power not data, i'm not even sure it lets any data through. https://sonoff.tech/product/wifi-diy-smart-switches/micro-usb-smart-adaptor


Also i don't think your powered hub idea will work. Powered hubs still work unpowered, they just supply less current, if you usb hdd can run off usb power it will likely still work through a hub.


If your handy you can DIY it with this https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-re5v1c.html



Cut up and solder a cheap usb cable to the DC 5v input and power for another port on the xbox. Carefully cut open your hdd's(or any compatible) usb 3 cable, cut just the 5v power wire and solder the cut wires to the relay contacts. then just wrap with electrical tape or use a piece or heat shrink to make it look pretty. Done. Now you have a wifi controlled usb 3 cable.


usb pinout and wire colour info


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Posted · Original PosterOP

@SuperCloneRanger Wow! That is a really great solution and doesn't look too complicated. I'm no solder master but I've done things like a mod chip install and did the coaxial mod for surround on my OG XBox so I think I can handle a diagram and some soldering.


It lists that it works with Google Nest which is a huge bonus since I have a Nest Mini on the way.


My only gripe with it is that it lacks a case but I suppose I could just make a little wooden box for it and paint it black. That or maybe I can find someone willing to 3D print me a case for it. I really need to get a 3D printer one of these days lol. I suppose I could also just wrap it all in electrical tape like you suggested and then use a sticky pad to secure it well behind the XBox.


Thanks for your suggestion. I actually think your is a much better solution than my original idea!

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