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  1. Right, good point! Trans porn can be both straight and lesbian. My mind just slipped for a second.
  2. Well, trans porn is straight porn because trans women are women, just born a little different. I think the best way to refer to it would be cis gender porn vs trans porn. Sorry, I don't mean to nitpick and I'm the last one to be politically correct but I think it's important to get terms right when talking about this kind of stuff. Eh, it depends on the person. Femboys are different than trans women with smaller breasts and penis. Obviously, what they self identify as being the biggest difference. I'd be a little careful tossing terms around here because you don't want to accide
  3. Ah, yes. The funny magic words. More like the most annoying word ever lol. Why they couldn't have come up with a term a little easier to say in normal conversation is beyond me. GAMP is the shorthand for it but meh, can we please come up with something better? Basically, without breaking the word down, it just means someone who is attracted to trans women who haven't had SRS. It's something I realized about myself like a decade ago and it took me a long time to fully embrace who I am, for a variety of reasons. But I've fully embraced who I am and just decided to roll with it. I do
  4. Just reminds me of my mom when I told her not only am I dating a trans woman but I am gynandromorphophilic. Her response was "So you're gay.". SMH.
  5. Well, when I can't even mention her in conversation and they refuse to even meet her, that's a big problem. Sure, I do care what they think, but it in no way changes how I feel or act toward her. I think most people want their parents to accept their partners.
  6. Not really. Yes, I was super into that other girl but we never actually dated. I'll admit, I did have strong feelings for her and I really wanted something to happen but she just couldn't pull the trigger. We really did have everything in common and we talked a ton about our interests. I drove out and visited her and it went great. We continued to talk after that and things seemed great. But then it started to become obvious she just wasn't moving forward. So I tried to push a bit and then she finally just said she wasn't ready to start dating. She even pulled her profile from the dating site
  7. It's not a grey area in any way shape or form. If the developers themselves added support as a means of input then it's totally legit. Having an advantage due to your choice input method is fine. Saying it's a grey area is like saying using mouse and keyboard on a XBox One/Series game that has support natively in the game because the developer added it is a grey area as well.
  8. Honestly, as a Vita owner, I have never had a shortage of games to play. It is still a great handheld if you are into JRPG, anime, and just Japanese games in general. It had a lot of indie games too. I think people think the Vita has a small library because they are looking for the AAA experience games Sony marketed the Vita as specializing in. There were very few and but like I said, there are just tons of great games for it if you are into weeb type games. As for the cards, yeah, they were expensive but I think part of the reason for this was to combat piracy. While it may have s
  9. Wait, what is this meme you speak of? Is computer science (I take it that's what CS is) a common field of study in the trans community or something? I'm just curious because my girlfriend who is trans also went to college for computer science. Yeah, it is actually. I mean, I definitely see how crazy that looks. Actually, we both do. But we both just came to the conclusion of so what? We both just feel an incredible connection and we just know the other is who we have been looking for. We aren't actually sharing our finances though. That comment was just more of a in
  10. Well, it is almost that girl's and my one month anniversary. It will be on the 9th. That is our official anniversary though since I asked her out and she said yes. We actually met on the 31st of March. We literally talked like crazy since that day until I asked her out. I knew probably by the third day that I really wanted to go out with her and we were already lovey dovey by that point. Not sure why I even waited that long other than really wanting to make sure I didn't have any residual feelings for that other girl where things fell apart. And it has been amazing ever since. I've nev
  11. Another meaning, and the one in which I most commonly use it, is being true to yourself, accepting who you are, and acting on it. Often this is accompanied by the attitude of not caring what others think.
  12. Haha, that would be awesome to convert into a party/gaming bus.
  13. Really, this isn't something to worry about from a rational global player. Nuclear deterrence works and with economies so interwoven, major nations don't want conflict with other big players. It's bad for their economy and can have political repercussions.
  14. Personally, I dig both but haven't really watched either in recent years. But if I could only have one it would be Star Trek. I prefer the episodic nature of the series and having a new story every episode. But is comparing a movie series to a television series even fair in the first place? Idk. Maybe, maybe not. I know what I like though.