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Hi all, Im looking to build a system this august to replace my old system that has bitten the dust. This will be a temp system for gaming, mid cad / rendering work and light/mid work in the adobe suite, which will eventually be donated to my mother when i build my main rig in Feb of next year.


I have revised the parts list a few times as you may have seen from some of my other posts, however I always seem to stay with the same memory. Any clue how it will perform with a 3600 / if its the best memory I cant get for the price. (My max budget for memory is £95) ? 


This is the parts list atm (I have an SSD to add already :-: also, ignore the psu, it is simply there as a price place holder until I find a nice unit in stock)



Thanks in advance, 

Stay safe,





The memory is out of stock atm, however it tends to suddenly come back into stock throughout each month


EDIT 2 : 

Didnt paste the link .... xD


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