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Windows 10 Computer Freezes/Hangs Forced Restart No BSOD/ Black Screen

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Would really appreciate some help. I am forced to push the power button or reset button on my pc
Ctrl alt delete - ctrl shift escape - windows ctrl shift b (Driver Reset) Non responded
Screen frozen on Current Frame no BSOD or Black Screen sound continued for a few seconds then stopped
Mouse and keyboard unresponsive but are still lit up
When turning monitor off and on no longer detects a signal 
Caps lock not responding on keyboard
Seems to happen when launching a game/program or transitioning to loading screens though it is not consistent maybe happens only like 10% of the time
Video Drivers are up to date
Windows is up to date
Wmic diskdrive get model,status all drive "ok"
Memcheck Passed
Error in event logs: 
The server Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub_18.2004.1162.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe!Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub.AppXt4mh7c9swwc5cmd5jgmtmwcfmvkddpn1.mca did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.
Ryzen 7 3700x 
AMD rx 5700
B550AM Motherboard
2 TB Seagate Barracuda - 256 GB SSD- 500 GB M.2 NVME (Newly installed had similar freezing issues before though)
Dell Freesync 144 hz gaming montior
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what's your psu?

do you have hard drives installed?

why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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