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I've proposed several ideas for videos that aren't related to a specific hardware, software or any sort of tech in Floatplane and YouTube comments but as many do, my suggestions may not get noticed by anyone of relevance to consider.

I know trolls make up a considerable LMG fans percentage. To avoid the risk of making the new Section a piece of poo, I suggest you make it exclusive to Bronze/Silver/Gold contributors. Although I'm an OG Floatplane subscriber, I would additionaly subscribe to the Forum badge just to suggest my ideas with Pool features and feedback from users and LMG pps.



For instances... I sent an e-mail to Bandcamp suggesting the following:




As a Linus Tech Tips old fan and now a Bandcamp too, I thought it would be nice to promote Bancamp via a Sponsored video where maybe Laszlo could be an invited artist to represent you guys. They could talk about the business model that is more fair to artists than other platforms, etc..


I'm sure you and LMG can come up with a better idea/script to make that, but I really apreciate your platform. In time, I'm sure I'll get a digital collection here with all my favourite albums from my favourite artists that are present.


Best wishes and stay safe.
José Encarnação
Lisboa, Portugal

The idea for the video is to consider several other platforms that aren't mainstream and are like Floatplane, more fair to the content creators with features that allow them to promote their work; Bancamp for Artists or the Pro version, allows artists and record labels to easily manage their own store whilst managing their community feedback and promotion. Maybe you could do a tour to the Bancamp offices and store, once it's safe...


I'll leave this to your consideration and I hope you decide you make something out of this suggestion.
€5 / month are pending your way, and a lot of filtered fresh but pollished new ideas for LMG videos.


Best wishes and stay safe.
José Encarnação




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I'm not sure what the exact request here is, but there are already threads for suggestion to LinusTechTips or TechQuickie videos:

There are some pretty bad suggestions in these, but not sure why there needs to be a section exclusive to paid forum users for ideas.

I apologize for the way I am. If my post seemed rude, that was not my intention. Just my ineptness in forming a nice coherent message.

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"How long do I have to keep going on? Someone end it already"

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@minibois thank you for the feedback.


I realize there are threads, and it gets cluttered and filled with poo 'cause trolls are everywhere. That's why I strongly suggest that only forum member badge holders get to participate in this new section.

A section is crucial to that effect, in my understanding, not only to allow exclusive access but also to allow idiots to suggest ideas sepperate from each other, with Poll features, etc..

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You can create post to Bronze member area. But I don't think there will be more than that. I would imagine that having to register already cuts some of these "trolls". So I don't quite understand how you paying $10 to make suggestions makes them any better than you not paying to submit. LMG is not obligated to take any video suggestions you make. I don't think they would be any more even if you paid. They make videos they are interested about or think would get viewers. Sometimes they even take idea from just forum threads discussing something.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@LogicalDrm thanks for the reply.
I guess my English is maybe getting in the way.
I'll try to explain in a different way:
A new section, instead of a single thread, would focus on each topic, with Pool features and feedback from users so LMG pps could sort and pic Filtered Fresh but Pollished new ideas for LMG videos... if they want.

Guess it's a matter of LMG staff considering it, specially @Edzel Yago and @LinusTech

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