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Blue USB2 ports annoy me

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This is a Netgear router, a telco supplied one but why. The front USB port is black and USB2. I have no problems with that. The rear one is also USB2, but has the blue inset as if it were USB3. Why? The spec-sheet says 2x USB2, so they're definitely not fooling anyone.


As an aside, this router is pretty weird. I cracked it open, and it has two UARTs, one labelled eCos and the other Linux. I've run into eCos before - it's an open source real-time OS. Reading the serial data on boot, eCos seems to be acting as a bootloader (!) and taking care of the radios. This has references to Broadcom hardware...on a router based on an Intel Puma?


Anyway, I digress. It annoys me when USB 2 ports have a blue inset. While USB 3 protocol has brought improvements to USB 2, it's still not USB 3 speed. The blue inset was designed to make it simpler to identify different speeds of USB ports. It's understandable (though not great) when companies like Lenovo make USB 3 ports black (and my E490 still has a USB 2 port...), but this feels like they're trying to intentionally mislead people.

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quick, someone call the USB colour police

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