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Custom Built Desk

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I have started to build a desk so that I have a cleaner area for my PC and peripherals. I have the basics down but just need a little help with some of the more complicated parts of the build. I was working on the plans for it before the Rona hit and now that I'm out of a job and we're stuck at home I pulled the trigger as a project to keep me busy. 


First question I have is what paint to use, I'm looking for a matte black paint and want to have a finish on it that gives the desk a smoother texture and protects it from long term damage. The whole thing is going to be properly sanded down (by hand) but wood tends to keep some of its texture anyway. 


I'm also looking to mount a power strip into the back of the desk, I can probably figure this out, just wondering if anyone has any examples of similar things they have done.


I am working on a custom clear acrylic name plate, and want to have it illuminated with an RGB strip, preferably controlled by ICUE. I'm just not sure if corsair makes any ICUE lighting strips that are meant to be on the outside of the case. If possible I'm also looking at creating a small indent on the two sides of the desk to put another RGB strip and cover it with a clear acrylic plastic to help diffuse the lighting. 


Ill post progress pictures as I work on this but it's going to take some time since I have very limited tools to work with and also like to try and get things to be as perfect as I can. I appreciate any tips you guys have :)


My Current Desk and Setup:



Desk I'm Building:



Heyo, it's boyo here.


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