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RGB motherboard and cooler

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys

I think that I did something on my pc because the motherboard rgb and also the aio cooler rgb turns off when I turn on the pc. BUT when I turn off my pc, the motherboard rgb turns on again. 

I have an Asus prime z390a

Aio cooler ROG Ryuo 240

Everything started when I've installed the armoury crate from Asus website (due to controll the ryuo 240 monitor and also the rgb


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Have you tried uninstalling the software? If you uninstall it and the RGB behaves like normal (or defaults) again, then its a software issue and I would reinstall and see if it goes back to misbehaving. If you uninstall it and the RGB maintains its    current problems, which would be highly unlikely given it started with the software install, then try resetting the CMOS (by removing the coin battery for 5 to 10 minutes), as most if not all motherboards with RGB have settings in the BIOS to control the RGB onboard.

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