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Microsoft WDS server issues

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Okay, i figured i could find some answer on this forum. i have a WDS server for imaging systems with ease. the only problem is i have a ton of computers to get installed with windows 10. i keep running into this issue where i can only do two at a time before PXE booting shits the bed. could i be running into a bandwidth issue i am only running gigabit. the error code is 0xc0000001 and the server is up because the other 2/3 systems are being imaged as this happens. I AM NEW TO THIS SO PLEASE DONT DOG ME ON TERMINOLOGY AND SUCH. any information is much appreciated TIA........


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PXE booting with WDS tends to be a bandwidth or network relate issue for the problem you're getting. First test would be to PXE boot a group of computers, like 30, but not start the imaging until they are all in WinPE. Start the imaging of all 30 and see if that works fine.


You may have to swap over to multicast sessions rather than unicast, multicast can be a bit problematic.


I've had issues with PXE booting in the past with flat subnet networks and the best fix for that is to subnet and put in IP/DHCP/BOOTP relay, pretty much sure fire fix for PXE booting issues but not a small change.

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