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7 Displays possible on Nvidia's Chipset ?

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The graphics card in question is the "Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080". The outbound ports are 3x HDMI and 3x Display Ports. Additionally there is USB-type C that I guess could additionally serve as a display but lets keep it to 6 displays for arguments sake. Clearly the ports are there but Nvidia's chip-set is locked to 4x displays max, why is this ?. I bought the card with every intention to use all the display ports.


This seems to be a great forum for some good problem solving (I've definitely used it in the past) and I only know so much, I don't know how to quite access and remove (what I presume to be) the bios software lock on the chip-set for Nvidia/Aorus 2080. Has anyone had any luck on accessing the Nvidia bios for the chip-set and flashed it --- and if so has anyone had any luck on activating all of the displays ?

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It's locked at the bios level. It might be possible to get a modded bios though I'm not sure about the 2080. Quadro cards allow up to six.

AMD card I believe still allow up to six on consumer cards. Though a DP splitter will be needed.


I'm not aware of any current gen non-proprietary cards that can run 7 displays.



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