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  1. How many of you logged in on xmas eve or xmas day? i was going to jump on finding out who was here, but i just forgot. over the new years i will be deep in the country side hunting where cell site coverage is non existant, so again wont be able to see the activity level. i found a great deal on a pc component part, while i was trying to figure out what to buy i was trying to find reviews and one led me back to lmg. going to the store was a no go, online is better for less aggravation, too many dumb people out there blocking the aisles. a hassle trying to find parki
  2. staples/bestbuy will take your electronics legalling with just one dump!
  3. 1st world problems but even in the first world, there are areas where the water is undrinkable, whether it be on Native Reserves or from Fracking/Drilling. wait until you dont have internet or tv and see how ya hack that LOL
  4. you ever been to the Amazonian forests, or deep in the bush billions upon billions of insects per square inch!
  5. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=fentanyl+mixed+in+with+weed&t=ffab&ia=web https://www.recoveryfirst.org/blog/fentanyl-laced-marijuana-hits-florida/
  6. start chatting about making a hackintosh and see how far that goes
  7. stupid facial expressions for thumbnails by LMG staff
  8. my first thoughts were the same, lol @ future who knows, but assumptions yeah it gives you the feeling of power, which is why many take positions whether its pay or no pay. Pay is authority like cops/pigs, guards, even to some extent security aka rent-a-cop but they dont do nothing except wrtie stuff down and use their phone. Non-Pay is exactly that, moderators on discord or forums, but also maybe volunteer work that gives them power over people.
  9. well, that is a very broad aspect, in what way exactly, because as far as dna or genomes or whatever, i think they say 99.99% match
  10. i would choose which ever one is cheaper, so lets assume the aoc is cheaper basing that asus likes to over charge