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Wanna switch my motherboard and case from pre-built to custom

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all,

So, i've got that pc right there:



And i want to switch the case and the motherboard so i get more space and upgradabillity. So basically i will keep every hardware i got except maybe the power supply and the 2 pieces mentionned before. What would be a good motherboard that would fit everything that i've already got and a case that fits. I will probably end up getting a noctua air cooler if it helps. Thanks!

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If you have the 9700 and 1660, then you might not want to get another motherboard, unless there is an option you find that your current one doesn't have.

The 9700 can't be overclocked, so a Z390 won't get you more performance.

Is there something specific you are looking for, or do you just want something that looks better?

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3 minutes ago, DrBlueLemon said:

Got last year model so it's the 8700 but yeah, mostly something that looks better and isnt as much crammed


You'll take the CPU, RAM, GPU.

You'll need PSU, CPU cooler and case.

The case you get will be decided by the size of the motherboard you decide on.  It's pretty subjective.  What do you like the looks of?  


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Aesthetically i like somthing minimalist, black, white, if there's some customisable RGB i'll take it but not a must. and the size, something not too big but not crammed like the one i got, so something midrange.

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