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  1. Thanks a lot, also, i forgot to mention it is canadian money on the picture. don't know if that justifies the price a bit more, for exemple your 75$ MB is 125 on the the canadian newegg. This is the new configuration i've put together with your recommendations. I've put 2 power supplies, i'm not sure if the 100W additional are really worth it?
  2. Thanks a lot, i've put together a nice little shopping cart, would everything in there fit?
  3. Hello everyone, I got a i7-8700, gtx1060, 4 sticks of ram and 2 sata drives, what would be a good value motherboars to fit all of this? Also off topic but what psu would i need to go with all this considering im planning on upgrading my gpu to a 20-something soon enough? Thank you!
  4. Aesthetically i like somthing minimalist, black, white, if there's some customisable RGB i'll take it but not a must. and the size, something not too big but not crammed like the one i got, so something midrange.
  5. Got last year model so it's the 8700 but yeah, mostly something that looks better and isnt as much crammed
  6. Hi all, So, i've got that pc right there: https://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/cty/xps-special-edition-desktop/spd/xps-8930-se-desktop/dxps8930se_x3_h25e And i want to switch the case and the motherboard so i get more space and upgradabillity. So basically i will keep every hardware i got except maybe the power supply and the 2 pieces mentionned before. What would be a good motherboard that would fit everything that i've already got and a case that fits. I will probably end up getting a noctua air cooler if it helps. Thanks!
  7. I know my way around your regular PC hardware but not much about monitors and the color things. Is the thinkpad W and P anything comparable to the macbook? It's pretty much the only thing she'll get mad at if it's not close to perfect. And thanks for your answer!
  8. Hey, so basically my gf is getting into uni in graphic design next year and they highly recommend getting a macbook or at least a laptop. Considering the price and performance, getting a macbook is kinda not ideal in my opinion. So what could be a good replacement if what's required is good color accuracy and some decent rendering times, don't need anything crazy. Thanks! ,