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MAJOR PC problem -- need an expert or something

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I already posted a month or so back about my problems and during the time between this and that, I have made absolutely 0 progress.


My build real quick:

MOBO: Gigabyte H310M-A

CPU: Intel i3-8100

GPU or Video Card: ASRock RX 570 4GB


Storage: 480 GB SSD + 1TB HDD

PSU: EVGA 500W 80+Bronze


My atx_12v pin was my previous thread's topic. I had a hunch, a suspicion that the suspect was that particular pin.


The computer turned on with or without the atx plugged in. The only difference being that with it plugged in it would turn off in 10 seconds or so, while without it plugged in, everything turned on and stayed turned on.


I scoured around the first page of google for a while and came across this thread: https://www.computing.net/answers/hardware/my-computer-wont-boot-up/94159.html...


I may be wrong, but I think the socket you are referring to, was added to provide an additional supply for Graphics Cards. Because it was found, when fitted to a pc, they were drawing too much power from the regular connector and causing some of its pins to overheat, so much that the pins virtually welded to the connector.such that it could not be removed without much difficulty.


It's my first build. Is there any... suspect? What could be making it not work?

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That is CPU power.  If the PC is not turning on with it connected, your MB or CPU is damaged or improperly installed.


Make sure you only install stand offs in the case that correspond to the holes in the MB you have.  If you install extra standoffs they will short things out and cause damage to the system components.


This behavior is also similar to what happens when you dont connect the GPU power.

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