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20 min boot. No Post

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys. 


My brother has the following

Msi x97 gaming mobo lga1150

Intel i5 4690k lga1150

GTX 970 gpu

8 gb ddr3 corsair vengeance ram

Ultra 750w psu

An assortment of laptop hardrives




Computer does not post. No bios, no beep. Computer fans run (even the ones connected to the mobo). Then, after 20 minutes, his comp displays the windows login and everything runs 'fine'. The display does not display anything until this time has elapsed. 


I have removed the gpu, ram, swapped ram with known working ram, inspected and ensured clean cpu sockets, firmly pressed all power connectors in. I've stripped this thing down to just a single stick of ram and cpu and psu, nothing else and still the same issue. 


Earlier we left it to run, got dinner and came back to it turned off... powered it on and it post and booted up to login in 5 seconds. I realized it was missing his gaming hdd so i plugged it in but while i was josteling the sata to 4pin adapter together before connecting it to the hdd, the computer self restarted and back to this 20 min startup.


Guys. I have spent the last 3 hours researching on google, youtube and a plethora  of forums. Please help

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9 minutes ago, Omniszero said:

An assortment of laptop hardrives

If you have any spare drives I would take all of those out install Windows on it(Dosen't have to be activated) and try that.

My life

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I would but the problem is he doesnt get anything to display on the monitor for 20 mins. Even with all the HDD's disconnected 

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