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Nate Burley

Help! No post just black screen!

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     I have recently been given a computer from a friend, but the computer doesn't post, just a black screen. I looked into it further and the boot code or Q code flashes 15 then stays on 53, doing some research i found out that code 53 is a Dram issue. So i followed some instructions and pull out all the ram and used only one stick of ram and found that the slot B2 is the only one that doesn't give me the code 53, but that is after I pull out the Cmos battery and let it sit for a few minuets. Now i have the Issue of the Cpu LED staying lit and i still get no post... this is where I need some help. Right now I have pulled the system out of the case and have the mobo on a cardboard box. My friend said it was like this when he gave it to me, he also said it started doing this after he put a GTX 960 in the system. After that it wouldn't post for him, so he gave it to me to fix. 



Mobo: Asus Maximus VI Extreme lga 1150

Cpu: i5 4570

Dram: PNY 8G (only stick that works, will try more once I can post.)

PSU: 1000w XION

GPU: Dual Evga GTX 660's

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok, i tried another psu and only one card still same thing. 


red cpu light stays on, no post...


but the Clear CMOS button on the IO on the mobo is on ( solid Green)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i grabbed anew cmos battery and now its back to the came thing 

red cpu led 

but now i have a boot code of 00


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